Thursday, May 3, 2012

I Pooped!

Woo hooooo!  I pooped!  

I pooped a lot. 

Sorry.  I know that's definitely too much information.  But you have to understand:  I've been reading and hearing about how, during the juice fast, people "have to go" a lot.  And going a lot is good news when you're juice fasting.  Why?  Because the many benefits of juice fasting include cleaning out the poisons and toxins from the body so it can begin to heal.  One way this happens, of course, is by emptying the colon. The more you "have to go," especially in the beginning stages, the quicker your body begins to get back to pure and healthy.  Healing begins.

But I wasn't pooping in the beginning like the other members of my juicing buddies.  And I was getting a little concerned!   I've been on the juice fast for two full, long - long days now.  And I've been diligent.  I've stuck to it.  I've persevered.  I haven't even licked my fingers when I fixed my husband's meals.    Shouldn't I be pooping?  Is that really too much to expect?  I don't think so.

I seriously considered adding an extra request to my evening prayers as I went to bed last night.  But I decided God had too many other important things in the world to deal with besides my poop.  So I refrained.  Besides, if He always knows what's in our hearts and minds, then surely He knows what's in our colon, right?  If he always "knows our needs," then surely He is aware that I'm having a poop problem.  

As I drifted off to sleep, it hit me.  No, I mean, "it" hit me!  You know.....the "urge."  What?  What was that? Could it be?  I opened my eyes and waited a minute.  

"Yep..this is it!  This is definitely it!   I gotta poop!!" 

I leaped out of bed and hurriedly grabbed my robe and ran for the guest bathroom.  I had already decided:  if I had to poop during the nighttime, I would use the guest bath, as I was pretty sure this wasn't going to be pretty and there's no way I wanted my husband to awaken to the sounds of the results of two full days of "Mean Green."  

Along the way and with a smile on my face, I grabbed my favorite magazine.  I usually get them in the mail and then struggle to find time to read them, but tonight was different.  I had nothing else to do, nothing on my plate, (no pun intended) just the toilet, my favorite magazine, the Poop Gods and me.   And time was definitely on my side.

In lieu of giving you all the nasty, "Mean Green" details, suffice to say, I'm glad I went to the spare bathroom. 

So this morning, I am feeling better- physically and mentally.  Emptying my colon makes me have a better attitude about this whole, "cleansing" thing.  Today will be busy, as I plan to keep my mind occupied with my things-to-do list.  The busier my mind stays, the less likely I am to give in to the temptation to eat anything with a face.

I'll keep you posted on my further juice-fast progress, but for now, I gotta go.

No, no...I mean, "I GOTTA GO!!!!"  Woo hooooo!!!!!!


  1. Funny girl! It's the gift that keeps on giving, isn't it?

  2. You have a gift Wendy and you should write a book when you are all done....and the title has to be I Pooped! lol Enjoyed this very much :)